Thiele Strategies is a 100% Native American woman-owned company. Founder Raina Thiele (Dena'ina Athabscan & Yup'ik) is a former Obama White House official and a graduate of Yale and Harvard. Thiele Strategies offers high-level consulting services with a team of advisors and consultants with deep expertise, an extensive network, and fine-tuned skill sets that achieve innovative results for your company, tribe, government, campaign, or organization

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we measure our success based on our positive impact for our clients and the world

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Thiele Strategies consultants offer a unique combination of grass tops and grass roots networks, unique and substantive experience, concrete skills, and a focus on creating innovative and practical solutions for impactful change." 

-Raina Thiele, President

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Raina Thiele 
President & CEO 
Ashley Hemmers
Advisor & Consultant
Freddie Olin 
Research Consultant
Deenaalee Hodgdon
Media Consultant 

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