Ashley Hemmers NPM, MPA Consultant/Advisor

An enrolled member of the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe, a Federally Recognized Indian Tribe, whose reservation spans the states of California, Arizona, & Nevada, Ashley Hemmers is a strategic specialist in multi-state cross-jurisdictional Development & Management of Tribal Economies.


She holds over 10+ years of experience in Tribal Enterprising including fiscal & capital wealth strategies as well as operations development strategies for new construction projects in multiple industries expanding the Tribe’s community facility footprint to triple the size of previous available space.


In addition to capital projects & operational development, Ashley is experienced in grants administration and the administrative oversight in the areas of Telecommunications, Tribal Law, Critical Infrastructure, Emergency Management, Healthcare, Systems of Care, Education, Intervention, & Community Relations. During her time within Tribal Government she has worked to strengthen Tribal/Federal & Tribal/State partnerships by developing strategic models of performance for service areas within the Tribal organizational structure.


A gaming industry insider, she has held a Title III Nevada Gaming License by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, and recently completed a 7-year appointment to the Avi Casino Enterprises Board of Directors, the executive body of the oldest Tribal Nevada-Style Gaming property in the country.


As an Advisor for Thiele Strategies, she engages with Native American Businesses to help increase their capacity for market accessibility. Ashley graduated with her B.A. from Yale University and a Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Management & Masters of Public Administration from the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

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